One of the most popular stock graphics site FreePik is hacked. Hackers accessed email addresses and passwords of users. Although the passwords were saved in hashed format. Hashed format means the if your password was (for example) 123456, the password will be saved in encoded format with some algorithm. So even if the hackers saw it in the database, they will not know the exact password but a different version.

This will be helpful if the password is very hard to difficult. Otherwise, all the hashed format of known passwords (like 123456, 87654321, 1234abcd etc) are same so hackers can guess it easily.

It is very important for the users, if they use the same password multiple places, to change all the passwords in all the sites/apps they use.

Freepik is very popular for free vector graphics. It has made life of graphics designer simpler with free stock graphics. Although it has a paid version for more premium contents.

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