[Minor Spoilers Ahead: may actually help you to understand the story]
Dark was first launched in 2017. But I have not felt interested until last few months back. I am a “thriller/suspense” genre person. This kind of series normally attracts me.

It is a German Sci-fi thriller genre 3 season series being streamed on Netflix. The first season is really great. It creates suspense and excitement to unearth the story. The storyline is of a black hole that takes you 33 years backwards and forward. A scientist actually creates it to save the lives of his son and daughter-in-law. There is also a nuclear power plant which is somehow an important part of the story too.

The black hole changes the life of a few families of the town. Not only a few families of one generation but the life of quite a few generations. Although many scientific theories like a black hole, time travel, a parallel universe are there, at the end it is a story of human lives connected with each other.

The first two seasons very engaging. But I haven’t much enjoyed the last season. If you only watch the first episode and last episode of the 3rd season, you will get to know the whole story. You will not need to watch the middle ones because, I felt, it is mostly repetitive.

If you have a somewhat basic understanding of the terms like a black hole, a parallel universe and time machine, you will be able to understand the gem of it. Otherwise, it will be a boring series for you.

My Review: Masterpiece for Geeks / 4.5 out of 5.

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