It is a pleasure to be able to lead the Facebook Developer Circle Dhaka community. I have listed some of the insights of Dhaka chapter of 2019.

  • We have the 2nd HIGHEST number of members in the Asia region (6402+ members)

  • We had the HIGHEST number of Scholarship participants in India / South Asia Region in Summer 2019.
  • We have created a DevC Student Ambassador Network
  • We had a great Women Day event in Partnership with Govt and UN Women in Feb 2019. Also got Spirit of DevC award for that. 
  • We have presented DevC in many non-devc events in Dhaka
  • We have hosted 10 events in 12 months of 2019
  • Have hosted Facebook DevC build days
  • Have hosted Facebook DevC Study Jams
  • Launched a DevC URL shortener:
  • We were in talks to host an event for kids in a refugee camp, world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, but due to local issues, we had to postpone that.
  • We have the third-highest number of participants selected for the scholarships in this season
Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 3.47.01 PM.png

I hope 2020 will be a great year too and we will be able to contribute more to the community.

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