Recently, Meta Developers Circle took the initiative to organize a series of workshops in several Bangladeshi universities under the banner of “#Metaversemania SparkAR Creators’ Day” to inspire young people to create their own Facebook and Instagram filters and learn how to share SparkAR-created epitomes and we were the proud organizer of the event. Meta Developer Circle Dhaka had previously organized a number of workshops to teach participants about SparkAR in collaboration with us, but this was the first time university-based training sessions have been held. 

This project’s major goal was to increase the students’ knowledge of the most cutting-edge augmented reality production tool and to allow them to design and share their own augmented reality camera effects for Facebook and Instagram. Young administrators and faculty members were also encouraged to join. 

The Universities, who took part in the event were:

  • Daffodil International Academy
  • United International University
  • East West University
  • BRAC University and 
  • Rajshahi (Multiple Universities/Institutions)

In essence, it was a two-day in-person workshop for university students. Each day, a 3-hour session was held, and about 30 students from each university joined. The lessons were conducted over the course of 10 days by a SparkAR developer who was featured on Facebook. The participants learned the basics of graphic design, SparkAR tools, Photoshop, and editing on the first day. The participants received instruction on creating filters and effects for Facebook and Instagram and publishing them on the second day. Three participants were chosen as winners and received unique prizes based on how well they performed in the program. The participation certificate was given to each participant who attended a booth day session.

The participants enjoyed the workshop and learnt many new things. We are hopeful to arrange this kind of workshops in future also.

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