We, Preneur Lab collaborated with the EMK Center and offered the training program “Business Boost Bangladesh: Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Enthusiasts 2022” for Bangladeshi women. Since it was made public, the workshop program has generated a lot of interest. This 4-day curriculum had both virtual and physical components and was built on a hybrid architecture. A virtual session and roundtable panel discussion were held as part of the workshop’s inaugural virtual day on September 11 and 12, 2022. At the EMK Center, the third and fourth occurrences took place in person. The third and fourth events, which were held on September 14 and 15, 2022, were the Bootcamp Day and Demo Day sessions.

Prior to the workshop’s planning, the participants were chosen based on the target group that had been established, particularly the women with entrepreneurial experience. The majority of female business enthusiasts were drawn to the curriculum. On each of the first and second days of the virtual session, there were close to 30 and 32 applicants present. On the third and fourth days, which were Bootcamp and Demo days, more than 20 people attended the in-person sessions.

The first day’s virtual session was directed by Md. Salah Uddin, General & Head, Innovation & Digital, Robi Axiata Ltd. Sabira Mehrin Saba, the founder of Wander Women, Nilim Ahsan, the CEO and cofounder of Userhub, and Shoyeb Mohammad Khan, a digital marketing expert, along with Nurun Nahar Fancy, the head of HR at String Technology LTD, On the second day of the event, Shohoz presided over the online panel discussion. Md. Altamis Nabil, President of JCI Dhaka West, Rebecca Sultana, Project Officer, UNDP Bangladesh, Emrazina Islam, Bangladesh Brand Ambassador, and Payoneer served as the mentors for the third day of the Bootcamp Day event. The fourth day was demo day. Participants presented their concepts to the jury board. Ileush Md Mirza, the founder of Brand Practitioners Bangladesh, Sabera Anwar, a co-founder of GoDeshi, and others were on the jury.

Participants received books and diplomas. Participants in the workshop talked on how business bootcamp might help them, how they could use the knowledge gained from it to grow their companies, and how the problem could be resolved. Participants gained expertise with company promotion, concepts, branding, investor pitches, etc. during these courses. After the session, the participants were able to, among other things, recognize powerful ideas and company boosters, comprehend how Business Boost Bangladesh functions for women entrepreneurs, and apply the numerous concepts processed by women entrepreneurs in their organizations.

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